Heresy and ‘the New Fire’

At the dawn of a new age in information technology…as the incumbent order of things (once again) finds itself under direct threat…the enigmatic global power brokers–those who decide what is taboo, and in which ways–have had their flanks exposed by the very same technology with which they seek to control those beneath them…

Alongside never-ending, glitzy propaganda campaigns, from official mainstream outlets, a flood of independent alternative narratives have also cropped up, concerning how and why the world works the way it does. These oppositional schools of thought often meet headlong, in plain view and for all to observe; their conflicts playing out mostly in cyberspace…but as a result, the fundamental meaning and expectations of what it is to be human are being transformed before our very eyes…

This battle, to control the essential narrative, is already raging out of control. Their surprise at the ferocity of the thought rebellion has thrown their efforts into overdrive, and in their desperation to reassert their control over the collective mind, they continuously reach back into  history, for inspiration on how these threats might be neutralized or subverted. 

Humanity has a rich history of information warfare: suppression and insurrection of the mind. The mental arena is where all physical battles commence, and ultimately where they end, at least as far as can be influenced by individual human beings. 

Thus, the powers that be are reaching into their bag of tricks, subverting the hard-fought victories of the masses, stretching back through millenia, as they use their powerful new technologies to weaken our minds, corrupt our hearts…surveilling our thoughts and movements, subverting our attempts at resistance, at self-determination…

The power of these new technologies is such, that either side could grasp the scepter, and manifest a new reality thereby. That’s why these so-called ‘gatekeepers’ are so afraid of the people at present, and hitting back so hard; because they know their new super weapon could easily be their downfall, as it has, at times, already threatened their carefully managed narrative, from which they derive their natural authority; without which, the spell is broken…

…That old mental cage, which for so long humanity had kept itself locked up in, has been broken; and some, who would have been so neatly confined, have been free to wander, and form their own opinions…despite the best efforts of the shepherds to reintegrate their lost sheep, back into the flock…

Within these new dimensions of the mind, which are brought to bear by the manipulation of rare-earth minerals, crystals, and electric currents, they seek to squash the opposition a bit at a time, using a variety of covert and overt methods.

By flooding this rising plane of existence with lies, distractions, rhetorical devices, and glittering ad campaigns, they make their ‘consumers’ ignorant and fearful, doing so with great vigor; because they know that their world, as well as the future of humanity, is at stake in this new digital battleground. And when they can’t simply drown out the opposition, they turn to censorship and outright persecution.

What started on these major platforms…as understandable, if perhaps regrettable controls being placed on our free speech (occasionally actually deserving of some merit)…has blossomed into just another dissociative form of crowd management and social engineering…

Thus they have revived, the notion of heresy and the spirit of dogmatic thinking, so effectively espoused by that former superpower, the Catholic Church. This idea, that any and all deviation from the confines of their mental prison, is a crime of horrendous import, is being conjured once more to blind the eyes of inferior mortals; those outside the inner circle of the farmhouse. 

The speed at which these (mostly) digital paradigms have shifted, from (mostly) reasonable, benign service providers, to authoritarian, ideological imperators, is startling; and goes to show that the whole system is changing with the technology; that we are likely headed back to some sort of orthodox set of coded behaviors…in other words, freedom is once again in mortal peril, and its fate is tied to this new digital thoughtscape…

Simply put, the Internet is a very useful tool…by means of which, the common man will either elevate himself to untold heights, past anything hitherto considered possible…or it will be the steel collar which he willingly and gleefully places around his own neck. To never have had this system in the first place will likely prove to have been the best option, at least in hindsight…but as more and more people around the world are daily sucked into its sphere of influence, never to be the same, it’s not likely to change anytime soon…

The battle for minds and hearts rages, and the various embroiled groups can all count their own victories and losses. This will only get more interesting as the technology progresses, and new tactics are developed. I think it will come to a terrible, awesome head at some point, unless I am very much mistaken.

I pray that through this new mode of existence (which is like the advent of fire for the ape-man), we shall somehow be able to rise above our weaknesses and our ignorance, and transcend the rotten aspects of our nature, to become that which, I believe, we were meant to be all along. 

But, of course, I have my doubts. I know the masters will at least try to enslave humanity again, as they have so many times before…I just hope they don’t use this new fire against us like they used the old fire, against the heretics of yore. I suspect they will, if they must; or if they get bored and just sort of feel like it

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