On the nature of (modern) insanity

The true lunatics are, the people who have never once taken time out of their day, to ponder their own existence, to feel the potentially horrific sensation of simply not knowing. To consider the fact, that in actuality, nobody really knows anything at all…

Some people live their whole lives that way. Following the myriad pied pipers that usher them from place to place, dancing gleefully to the tunes of strange men, pulling their strings, directing their actions; 99 flies, caught in the Web, all over the planet.

What dark energy compels us to do the terrible things we do to one another, the savagery? What reason compels us? Living and dying, a self-perpetuating race of atavistic demigods. Humanity still struggles to make it out of the swamp, in many ways…

What is the correct way to go about this thing called life? That’s something that each of us has to decide for ourselves…

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