Under the FOX’s Paw

We're not stupid in America, you know--
The greatest country on Earth:

Disguise your envy with disgust
At the size of our (mental) girth.

You're jealous, world,
Get off Sam's dick.

Get off your knees,
And back to work, trick.

Are you shocked? Are you awed?
Just dying to be free?

With all your heart and all your mind
Wishing you were me?

Six hundred channels on cable T.V.;
.50 cal. on the back of a humvee;

Give a fuck about a Shia, or a Sunni.
White Jesus died for fiat currency.

Democracy. Kleptocracy. Lobotomy.
Henry Ford and his Model T.

Hollywood and the celebrity.

...Is it dumb,
To choose your leader
Like a stick of gum:
By the packaging..?

...We are good. We are brave.
From the cradle to the grave...
You're Osama in his cave--
Fortunate to be a slave...

Don't worry world, America knows best.
We'll win the day like we won the West;
Staccato death: ride the crest.

We do what we do at God's behest...

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